Yamaha New AV Receiver RXA3010

Yamaha RX-A3010 內建 9 聲道後級的 11.2 擴大機, 並有 11.2 聲道的前級輸出, 若主聲道是相當難驅動的 HI-END 揚聲器, 也可以主聲道外加高級後級驅動之下, 用 3010 本身內建 9 聲道後級去驅動其他九隻喇叭, 達到效果最優的 11.2 聲道宇宙球型音場,  (YAMAHA RX-Z11的功能下放到 YAMAHA RX-V3010), 最接近旗艦之聲非 YAMAHA RX-A3010 莫屬了!

AVENTAGE model designed for industry-leading audio quality performance
with 9.2 channels, and featuring A.R.T. Wedge, 11.2-channel expandability,
8 in/2 out HDMI, Multipoint YPAO with R.S.C., network functions incl.
Web Browser Control, AV Controller app compatibility.

Audio Features
• 9-channel powerful surround sound
1,350W = 150W x 9 (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.06 % THD, 2 ch driven)
2,070W = 230W x 9 (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 10 % THD, 1 ch driven, JEITA)
• HD Audio format decoding: Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio; Dolby Digital Plus and
DTS-HD High Resolution Audio
• Selected high quality parts to achieve optimum audio performance
• H-shape cross member frame and rigid bottom frame/double bottom construction
• Symmetrical power amplifier layout
• Heat sink with anti-vibration and anti-thermal properties
• DAC on Pure Ground circuitry
• High speed thermal feedback power amplifier
• Ultra Low Jitter PLL circuitry helps optimise sound imaging
• Extra 5th foot with Anti-Resonance Technology (A.R.T. Wedge) to reduce vibration
• Detachable Power Cable for easier installation (also allows cable upgrade)
• Intelligent assignable amplifiers for Surround Back <-> Rear Presence or Zone 2/3
Video Features
• Analogue and HDMI video upscaling to full HD 1080p
• 1080p-compatible HDMI: 8 inputs (1 on front) and 2 outputs (simultaneous)
• Supports Deep Colour (30/36 bit), x.v.Colour, 24Hz Refresh Rate and Auto Lip-Sync compensation
• HQV high-class chipset “VHD1900” for HD/SD Video
• Video adjustment functionality
– Auto noise reduction (mosquito, block and temporal noise) with customisation capability
– Auto resolution enhancement (detail and edge enhancement) with customisation capability
– Auto Contrast Enhancement
– Video signal control (Contrast, Brightness, Saturation)
– 6 preset memories
• HDMI with 3D and Audio Return Channel

The S.R.P. of RXA3010 is HK$18,500 and it will be available in the early of October.


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